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purple shirt

February 2009



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Feb. 9th, 2009

purple shirt

(no subject)

I suck at this regularly updated journal thing.  I just leave in my wake a sea of aborted journals.

I feel like no matter how much or how little I am doing at any given point, I never feel like I have enough time.

Things I don't think I have time for but am so into, damnit:

  • reading
  • knitting
  • Fable 2
  • The Sims 2, embarrassingly enough
  • PBS
  • rollerblading
  • actually playing music, like in a band
  • drawing again
  • writing letters
  • sewing
  • city exploring
  • museum strolling
  • proper blogging

I should find a book club.  And a stitch 'n' bitch.

The end.

Dec. 2nd, 2008

purple shirt


Is it just me or did the price of feminine hygiene products jump up exponentially this year?  A pack of 14 pads costs $9.99 at Jewel.  That's like a vag tax.  Shit used to cost like $2.49.  I might have to get one of those hippie vag cups just to save money.  I ended up getting the terrifying generic brand maxis.  I understand and totally appreciate that most generic stuff really is exactly the same as the brand name, but with pads and tampons the difference is obvious and ridiculous.  You buy Always pads and Tampax tampons and your crotch is lovingly caressed by pearlized plastic and dry-weave cotton.  You buy generic and you get giant vagina cannons and sad sacks of lumpy cotton that won't lay flat and once moistened will give you the sensation that you are, in fact, sitting in a pool of blood throughout the entirety of your menstruation.

I'm over this poverty business.  This year is going to be fucking rough.

Nov. 23rd, 2008

purple shirt

Me, I want a hula hoop...

Lately I've been forgetting how old I am.  That kind of weirds me out.  I'm 23.  Which, by anyone's standards, means I'm an adult.  But I'm still really excited for Christmas and am making a list to give to my parents and siblings.  But when I consider that I'm 23, I feel weird about it, like I'm not entitled to much of anything from my parents for Christmas because I'm an adult.  I know that the gravy train that my birthday used to be dropped off entirely once I turned 21.  So I had to celebrate that for myself, which led to a $300 dinner for two at Blackbird this year.  But that ended up being a seven course medley of the best things I've ever tasted and enough wine to make me forget which way the trains ran, so I can't really complain about that.  Is it still legit to keep wanting presents once you're an adult?  I mean, my parents are sending two of my younger siblings to Spain for Christmas  A Wii Fit is much cheaper than a trip to Spain. 

I kind of want a bike but I don't trust wanting a bike.  You can't really keep a bicycle in Chicago without someone trying to steal your wheels for their meth lab, so if you do chain it up outside, you have to take the wheels with you, which is lame.  I also kind of want a bike so I can ride in the annual Naked Bike Ride.  But technically I could skate in the NBR.  But that maybe makes you *too* naked.  Plus, I really don't skate without all my protective gear, and the idea of skating around in a helmet, elbow pads, knee pads, wrist guards, and...a smile...is just too silly.

Oct. 21st, 2008

purple shirt

Am I in grad school or purgatory?

It's three a.m. and I've spent the past four hours coloring a 4'x3' posterboard for my...technology in the classroom class?  This is utterly ridiculous for several reasons.  It probably wouldn't be such a problem, except that when it comes to the aesthetics of creation, I am a horrible perfectionist.  I spent at least half my time coloring the grass in such a way that it really looked like grass to me.  My professor didn't give us any kind of grading rubric for the assignment.  In fact, he didn't actually give us any kind of written instruction.  He just showed us an example "bulletin board" that "didn't get the highest grade" because the artwork between the three panels was uneven.  Of course, the "bulletin" was assembled by three different people, so it made perfect sense that the artwork looked different in each panel, but apparently that was totally unacceptable.  We received a topic and an example.  If I get anything less than an A on this, I'm going to stab him with my exceedingly time-consuming Summer Fun poster, which really does not constitute technology in any way shape or form, nor is it a bulletin board in any meaningful sense. 

The idea that I will leave that class more qualified to teach children than when I went in is completely ludicrous.

Oct. 18th, 2008

purple shirt


I've never really considered laziness to be one of my defining characteristics, but I think that's because I like to think that I'm fantastic and without flaws.  I also talk about the lazy as if it were a recent phenomenon.  The thing is, I've always been lazy.  It just manifests itself in different ways at different times.  When I was in grade school, I would only do the homework that I knew I couldn't get away with not doing.  I think I cleaned my room about bi-annually.  In a way, I'm actually going to grad school because I'm lazy.  I say that I like kids and that I want to teach, but when I'm honest, I'm no so sure about that.  Really, I'm probably in it for the short hours, long summer vacation, and the health and dental insurance.  I have two papers and a construction project due this week, a stupidly messy apartment, a sink full of moldy dishes, two goldfish that haven't had their water changed for a month and a half, and I've spent all day watching football and Buffy and eating.  And I'm hyper-aware of it the whole time.  That's really the true mark of lazy for me:  that I am totally conscious of what I should be doing while I'm doing nothing.  This is never more true than when I'm eating or drinking anything that isn't water, which is kind of sick.  I've gained six pounds in the two months since I started at Roosevelt.  And Roosevelt has a gym with a personal trainer free with tuition.  I'm typically revolted when anyone dares to suggest that overweight and obese people are overweight because they are lazy, but in myself it's something I wholly believe.  Though that might have something to do with being a recover(ing?  Is that something you stop recovering from?)ed anorexic, but, really, I'm pretty sure I should use my free gym.

My fish deserve better, though.  I'm totally going to go change that water.